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Word is the platform used for Xero Invoice Templates

Word is the a Microsoft product, Xero is built using a Microsoft platform.

Many of my clients have tried to do the job themselves until they gave up in frustration. Is 5 wasted hours of your time worth it? My time is worth $247 an hour. What is your time worth? Think of the work you could be doing by outsourcing this task to us?
I go straight to the heart of the problem at a price that is irresistable.
Choose from the Library and advise us per the Order Form of your needs for a fixed price.
Send me your sample and I will fill out the Order Form for you, to save you even more time! You must sign off on the order before we can proceed, that’s fair, right?

Microsoft Word is the platform used for Xero Invoice Templates.

Word is easy to use if you are trained in the medium.

The downside is that when you move one thing on the document, it can throw out another – it’s easy when you know how!
Unseen coded text boxes are one of the main reasons for templates not working, byy definition, you can’t see them.
I have spent many hours sorting out what to do when a part of the document I’ve spent hours customising won’t show up. It can be very frustrating.

If you want a particular job done, please ask me for a quote using the box on this page. My templates are priced according to the amount of work required which includes testing. All of our templates are fully tested.
I have designed some special templates A big job – one that requires alot of work and trial and error can cost from $495.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve – I’m a lateral thinker. I can get what you want onto your invoice.

Check out our ZeroPro Dual Address Template TM

Book a Call with me to discuss your particular problem with getting information onto your Invoice (even if it appears to be impossible).

Guarantee: Any anomolies with the working template notified to me immediately are fixed free of charge immediately. Our work is guaranteed 100%. See our Terms of Service here

Win Win.

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