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Where’s the   FREE XERO TEMPLATE?   aww shucks! Its gone for now (sad face).

We plan to have about 40 template designs available for download with accompanying videos (from 21st May 2017) [edited WHOOPS, that was months ago, sorry]

We are still here for our past valued customers to provide After Sales Service. And don’t forget, if you require a full set of templates AND the Dual Address system, send us an email! Tried and True!

Xero Accountants! Wait to be empowered! Watch this space! What we have for you to add value to your client packs is amazing and I’M EXCITED!!!

We love helping you design beautiful Xero templates

We love creating new templates and helping you to tweak them for your specific brand

Why choose us?

@ Xero Certified

@ We know our stuff

@ Our success rate in getting everything you need and want onto the Xero invoice is 90% – check out our Dual Address system!!

@ New – do it yourself branding and templating using our basic designs – with videos showing you how!!

@ We are recommended by Xero Managers

Contact me at dj@templateszero.com

What Sam said…

“…Her service was immaculate, clear correspondence, always prompt to questions, and committed all the way; and what’s more her work is 100% guaranteed.

I enjoyed the challenge and the experience and I would recommend her services to anyone.

Thank you!”

Sam Guagliardo, Affordable Bookkeeping Contractor, 2014

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The \\ new // Templateszero Workflow Design Process:

  1. You contact us by email or via our website.
  2. We work to customising our own Templateszero workflow documents, for you
  3. You’re shown our system, how we work, what we start with and what we need from you to start the process for you in your new Xero file doing what you do best; business.
  4. The cost of a set of 5 workflow documents as seen in Xero is explained via email
  5. You send us your logos, details and banking details that you’d like on the templates
  6. We test your documents in Xero. And we keep testing it until it is flawless.
  7. This set, your new set, of beautiful documents, are now in place and you have time to think about further customisation.
  8. No more useless and time-consuming backward and forwards explaining how you want a lighter shade of blue or a darker line when your workflow needs a system in place.
  9. We start discussing further customisation. I’m an expert in this field. I’ve studied it for many years. I might ask you to draw on the templates provided exactly what your ideas are. The list of possibilities is huge. I have an hourly rate of $247.50 which means you have my attention!
  10. Templateszero is your Xero Workflow Specialist.

Assistance Uploading your Template:

Free, ask us during our discussion.

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Credit Notes
  • Delivery Dockets
  • Purchase Orders
  • Statements
  • Work Orders
  • Picking Slips
  • Dual Address invoices

Template Inclusions:

  • Text and Table alignment
  • Text colour
  • Custom Headers and Footers
  • ‘Payment Advice’ changes
  • Term & Conditions
  • Watermarks
  • Table colors, Line Heights, Font Sizes and Styles
  • Graphics
  • Static text
  • Longer fields, wider columns in the Table
  • Remove columns in the Table
  • Rearrange columns in the Table
  • Remove table summary
  • Smaller margins, remove white space at the top of the page
  • Terms and Conditions on the invoices, T and C’s on the second page
  • Multiple Page Invoices
  • Page numbers on invoice pages
  • Floating Flooter
  • Footer on 2nd page only
  • Footer on all pages
  • Border around page


Design a business workflow using your Xero invoice templates

We’ve worked for clients in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Burkina Faso, Vietnam and Singapore as well as Australia – Any Currency, any needs…

Our pricing has finally had to rise to meet demand. $247 per hour for customized designs by me.


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Clients who tried everything before they found us

International recognition

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