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Incisive Workflows using template design


Usually $49 !!! 

Great, I didn’t need to work very hard to customise it.




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DocXzero TM are a small team of graphic designers who work specifically with the Xero invoice, designing and customising Xero templates to match your brand.

We want to help you, the user, get the best out of Xero. We don’t want to let the lack of a great Xero Invoice design stop you from using the best cloud accounting system in the world.

We do great Xero Designs of all shapes and sizes, clients want this that AND the other from their subscription including professional looking invoices and other Xero system documents and we’re here to give it to you.

For this reason, we are the No 1 Xero Invoice Design business on the planet. We are recommended World Wide

Countries serviced so far: Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, Bukina Faso, Zimbabwe, and the list is growing……

No Risk – we guarantee our work, according to The Brief we accept before we start the job -100% – to both

protect us from scope-creep and so you know what you’re getting and paying for – we can plan the

job properly, saving us time and costing you less!

Check it out XeroPeeps – we’re onto your issues, our R&D department has been working overtime to solve the invoice problems you’ve shared on the Xero Community Forum.

Now, we’re not dissing Xero, we just know this stuff better than they do and we’re relying on them to keep trailblazing, doing what they do best.

Contact RE Business Services, a Xero Certified Advisor and Xero Partner for all your Xero support needs.

The Dual Address Invoice


Docxzero TM (templateszero TM) is launching a Xero system using the Xero template that will produce a Ship To field on an invoice. There’s currently no fields on the Xero template for these fields and the template won’t pull info from the Contact Card. All this week we’re relaunching. There’ll name changing, more products, a store to buy various templates on the cheap plus the normal ever expanding and ever learning that you would expect from the number One template designer on the planet!
For more about producing better Xero invoice templates for the best accounting system in the world. www.docxzero.com

Unheard of, can’t be true….Can Be True! It is real!
Why haven’t you heard of it? Because my friends I haven’t publicized it yet.
Starts at $550 USD – a steal, complete customisation and the secret of how to make it work. Get in touch.


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  • No need to discard your Quotes and Invoice templates, they can be adjusted to suit this system in most cases.
  • Allows you to extensively revamp your workflow to be now centered around Xero not ½ using MYOB or other system and ½ using Xero
  • If using an Add on inventory system contact your provider for instructions
  • Eliminates double entering of Sales data – entered once into Xero
  • Other docs can be designed for your specific needs such as Warehouse Packing Sheets or Picking sheets
  • Contained within the Xero accounting system. It’s not designed to affect inventory levels held in an Add on Inventory system.
  • Comes with full instructions and phone support if needed (extra)

Prices starting from $550 USD

What does a Xero Template Designer do?

Xero is an accounting system which of course uses invoices and credit notes and all of that kind of stuff that the user sends to clients.

Xero uses XML which is a programming system and Word (of Office fame). Creating templates in a very simple or even a reasonably OK style can be done by most bookkeepers or business owners.

There are degrees of difficulty in designing templates. It is a technical skill that I personally taught myself in 2014 and made a business out of it.

Now I’m upping the game, templates are as important as any Add on that you willingly pay $600 per year for. My new template system will change the way you work within Xero.

If you need a highly customised invoice or template, contact us.We will do simple customisations but we love doing complex customisations. Docxzero is a trailblazer in the Xero template industry.

We now have a system used within Xero to produce a Quote or Work Order and an Invoice with a Delivery Address as well as a primary business address. The system comes with support and redesigned or newly designed templates.


xero template

The Docx Xero Template Design Process:

  1. You make an inquiry; you send a document layout you like, including the handwritten changes you want showing us how you want it styled.
  2. A Design Brief is created and you are emailed a Quote.
  3. Upon acceptance of the quote, you are invoiced and pay upfront.
  4. We create your template according to the Brief.
  5. We test your template in Xero. And keep testing it until we get it right. This process may take many hours to complete
  6. Once we’re happy that the design you wanted, works, we’ll send a PDF copy of the template using real test data.
  7. You review the document and advise us of any changes or tweaks.
  8. If it’s part of the Brief, we go ahead with them, if its outside the Brief we’ll quote you on the cost of the changes. We go through the testing process again with changes to suit the original Brief, until it works in Xero.
  9. You are sent the final PDF and Word copy of the template using real test data for you to upload to Xero.

Assistance Uploading your Template:

We’ll do this for a small fee, just let us know.

Additional Amendments:

A fee will be charged for any additional design or layout amendments.

Customized Xero Templates:

Choose your custom layout design using your corporate colors and styles

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Credit Notes
  • Delivery Dockets
  • Purchase Orders
  • Statements
  • Work Orders
  • Picking Slips
  • Dual Address invoices


Template Inclusions:

  • Text and Table alignment
  • Text colour
  • Custom Headers and Footers
  • ‘Payment Advice’ changes
  • Term & Conditions
  • Watermarks
  • Table colors, Line Heights, Font Sizes and Styles
  • Graphics
  • Static text
  • Longer fields, wider columns in the Table
  • Remove columns in the Table
  • Rearrange columns in the Table
  • Remove table summary
  • Smaller margins, remove white space at the top of the page
  • Terms and Conditions on the invoices, T and C’s on the second page
  • Multiple Page Invoices
  • Page numbers on invoice pages
  • Floating Flooter
  • Footer on 2nd page only
  • Footer on all pages
  • Border around page


If you want it – we’ll try to figure out a way, No job too big or too small, We do it all

Design a Xero Workflow using your Xero invoice templates

We’ve worked for clients in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Burkina Faso, Vietnam and Singapore as well as Australia – Any Currency, any needs…


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