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You can have “THIS” many columns on your Invoice but you need only have two. You only need Description and Total Amount. How many would you like? This is a stock-standard Invoice, fully customisable and part of the $275AUD range.

Extras include

  • “Deposit required” (on Quotes at fixed %).
  • “Payment line” in the Summary area.
  • Descriptions and numbers all “centred-on-line” horizontally and vertically
  • Any font-size and style
  • Shipping data on an invoice – find out how the Dual Address System will take your Xero Invoices to a level you didn’t think possible.

Word is the Microsoft platform used by Xero.

Word is the product Xero uses for its Invoice Templates

Many people I’ve met have tried to do the customization job themselves before they gave up in frustration. Are 5 wasted hours of your time worth it? My time is worth $247 an hour, what’s your time worth? Think of the work you could be doing and the money and frustration you could be avoiding by outsourcing this task to a professional like us.
Time is money and we here at docXzero know how to go straight to the heart of the problem. We know the code and do the job for a price that is irresistible. What are people saying about us?

How it works:

Choose from the Library (coming soon!!!) and advise as per the Order Form of your customization needs for a fixed price.
You can send me your sample and I will fill out the Order Form for you, to save you even more time!

You must sign off on the order before we can proceed, that’s fair, right?

So, you’ve got Xero but where are the Sales Documents?

What do you mean I have to get them customised you ask!

Xero is an accounting system which of course uses invoices and credit notes and all the other sales documents that a system uses to send transactions to its clients. It makes available, for free, a range of standard templates which aren’t of a very high quality, unfortunately.

We “complete” Xero because we can design a beautiful set of Sales Documents for your business.

The platform Xero uses is XML, which is the programming system used by Microsoft and of course Word (of Office fame). Xero is powered by the Microsoft framework and you yourself can create simple templates if you wanted to. They can also be done by most bookkeepers but there are degrees of difficulty as you go up in scale and scope. Designing in Word is a technical skill that I personally taught myself in 2014 and have made a business out of it. I’m well known across the whole Xero Global community so if you get your job done with DocXzero / Templateszero / Zeropro.io you know you are in safe hands.

Sales Documents are Important

The Xero Sales Templates are as important as any Xero Add-on that you will pay $600 per year for so get them done correctly, the first time. My new template system will change the way you work within Xero. I’m talking of course about the Dual Address Invoicing System but more on that later.

If you need a highly customised invoice or template, contact us using the Contact Box above. Emails received to this in-box are checked every working day so you won’t escape our attention. We do customisations to our Stock Library sales documents of course, but we love doing complex customisations. Docxzero is a trailblazer in the Xero template industry and we remain at the top of the game.

How DocXzero started

Quick story, I first saw how beautiful and was justifiably impressed by Word when I got a resume designed by a brilliant Word Designer. Prospective employers commented on it as if they may hire me for knowing the skill evidenced by my designer. I knew then just how beautiful that job was and it resonated with me deeply. Years later I found I could learn about Mergefields and produce some beautiful work in the Xero templates field. A business was born. It’s a true story. I still have that resume in my filing cabinet. 

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