Delivery Policy

Our delivery times vary from 2 or 3 days to a maximum of 3-4 weeks, preferably 3 weeks. All communications should be answered and queries solved in a prompt manner using email or Basecamp (preferably Basecamp for Big Jobs)

Customers are required to check their purchase for any errors after they have paid and received their templates.

Any small errors will be fixed immediately as they are agreed to form part of the agreement of purchase.

WE deliver by email only in PDF first, where customers are requested to peruse the finished document before the final Word document is sent. Final payment is required before delivery. WE understand that small errors in spelling or email addresses may be discovered at a later time (up to 3 weeks) and if this is our fault, will be rectified immediately. If a change is required, it will be charged at our quoted cost, normally $28AUD for small changes.

We deliver your product immediately upon receipt of payment, ready for upload to your Xero file. We can upload to the Xero file for you for our minimum fee of $28.

Big jobs (costing $495 or more) will take up to 3 weeks to complete if the above is abided by. Extra charges will apply for other changes and this may increase the time to completion. Payment by Milestone is required so that work done is remunerated properly. Adandoned jobs will not be delivered as we do not deliver partially completed jobs.

Agreement as to the amount and cost of the work is necessary and forms may be required to be filled out identifying exactly the work that is needed. We may refuse service if these terms are not complied with.

Small jobs will be quoted a finishing time and usually take a couple or a few days.


Adandoned Jobs

Definition: A job will be considered abandoned if no notification is given of an intended reasonable absence from communications. All such notifications will be replied to you by Docxzero. If you do not hear from us you can assume we have not received your notification. If no notification is given, a job may be considered abandoned.

Abandoned jobs may be reactivated; fees will apply.

Abandoned jobs will not be delivered. Only fully paid and finished jobs are delivered. Abandoned jobs have a cost attributed to the work already gone into producing it to date and no refund will be given as the contract is deemed broken by the client who is abandoning the job.

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