Grant Kelson – asked ‘how did we do’ (supplied a 6 template set for $275) on 19/10/18

Pretty good we think Dianne.

I’ve uploaded them into xero and we’ll begin using them this week.

I’ll come back to you if we need any big changes, but at this stage it looks like they’ll be pretty good.

Ingmar wanted a solution and asked me some questions via email… If you want big results, get this branding on your invoice, get a professional Quote done using Xero, you have to ask us about it. Ingmar and I chatted and even though he didn’t want us to do the work, at the end of the day, it’s about explaining what it is we do, why we charge what we do for customisations and thenleave it to you to decide to go ahead or not.

I guess we would have proper descriptions for all the different items now in Xero and then that section grey that would still sort of look the same.

Let me have a think about it I let you know by the end of the week, that fine?

You can expect a reply from us that will help you decide. There’s not an overload of choice from our Stock Templates.

I spoke to Matt about his needs one Monday, all day Monday!!! We got it sorted and got him sorted with a set he was happy with.

We also provided him with a copy of the DocXzero ebook Delivery Addresses on Invoices – Your Choice.