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Hey! We have many business owners get in touch asking for Xero template customisations –

Which type are you?

Are you wanting a pretty generic set of Xero templates, just an invoice or invoice + quote?

Do you want a specific customization or will it fit on a Small Order Form?

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Remember to note:

  1. Generic Invoice such as the one on the first page of this website
  2. A whole Set of Sales Documents
  3. Invoice and Quote – Generic in style but needing customisation
  4. **Not sure if its possible but,,,,,, (love these ones!)
  5. Delivery Address on the Invoice – the Dual Address System TM
  6. Accountant Enquiry for bulk needs

Website Enquiry

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Microsoft Word is the platform used for Xero Invoices.

The downside is that when you move one thing on the document, it can throw out another – it’s easy when you know how!
Unseen coded text boxes are one of the main reasons for templates not working, byy definition, you can’t see them.
I have spent many hours sorting out what to do when a part of the document I’ve spent hours customising won’t show up. It can be very frustrating.

If you want a particular job done, please ask me for a quote using the the Contact us box, on this page.

All of our templates come fully tested with the expertise of 4 years of Xero Invoice designing behind them.
The Docx Template library is nearing completion where you’ll be able to choose the set of Xero Invoice Sales Documents that you want customised. Did you know Xero Invoices come with up to 8 columns in the table?

Did you know what we are routinely customising Xero Invoices for clients who want a Delivery Address on their invoice?

I have a few tricks up my sleeve – I’m a lateral thinker. I can get what you want onto your invoice.

Check out our ZeroPro Dual Address Template TM

Book a Call with me to discuss your particular problem with getting information onto your Invoice (especially if it appears to be impossible).

Guarantee: Any anomalies with the working template notified to me immediately are fixed free of charge immediately. Our work is guaranteed 100%. See our Terms of Service here